Corporate Email Signature

Corporate Email Signature

73% of Millennials prefer business to communicate through email. 59% of Individuals purchases are influenced by marketing or promotional emails.

Unlike smiling faces that seize positive attention from people, Corporate Email Signatures stimulate user attention and brand consistency. An eye catching Corporate Email signature boosts awareness, promotes campaigns and drives engagement.

Email Marketing is still a valuable channel and dominating factor for marketers as per proven research. Email marketers resonate their potential customers and prospectus with a touch of personalization by enclosing with Email Signature. It represents your brand or business in a positive manner and ensures long-term business success. At Green signature, we offer full-fledged templates for Corporate Email Signature to accelerate business performance with connected content.

Corporate Email Signature Advantage

Having a personalized Corporate Email Signature is like attesting your genuinity and loyalty every time you send an Email. Your Email Signature is a powerful yet overlooked factor that can turn out a big business advantage.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Personalization Marketing approach
  • Quick access to your contact details
  • Professional look
  • Traffic generation tunnel
  • Higher response Rate
  • Robust Promotional tool
  • Cost-Effective
  • Whether you are a small business or a Multinational company, Corporate Email Signature can leverage your every opportunity to build brand awareness, promote campaigns and gain engagement. Our Centrally designed email signature with a cutting-edge signature creator provides you numerous benefits and collaborates with your business goals. Don't let your potential email land into Spam/Junk, with professional corporate email signatures you can nurture your marketing campaigns to a more successful one.

    What makes our Corporate Email signature stand out

  • Easy to create an Email Signature in less than 60 seconds
  • Manage all your signatures from a single dashboard
  • Multiple design templates that can hook with Outlook and mobile devicess
  • Integrate your Social icons, banners, disclaimer and much more.
  • Low cost, high return marketing channel
  • With years of knowledge and experience as a professional, we have helped companies to get most of the email marketing.

    Unlock the potential and manage your email signatures in a proficient and professional way with Green Signature.

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    Green Signature has been providing a robust portfolio of email utility software and solutions that work directly with Microsoft technology, specifically Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and G Suite.

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