Eligible for Updates

Customers with active SSA license are eligible for all product updates. Only up-to-date products are supported by GreenSignature Team. Active SSA provides new features (if any), new Editions (if any) and all bug-fixes exclusively free.
In case of New Version or New Edition released, customers with active SSA are eligible for all support, advice, assistance and also discounts in product upgrade prices.

Support Medium

SSA Active Customers are provided Support via Tele Call, E-mail, VO-IP and Remote Desktop Support Tools.


The GreenSignature Products are tested continuous with all the updates of MS Exchange and Windows Server Updates. So it becomes mandatory to keep the GreenSignature product update to align with MS Exchange & Windows Server updates.

Minimum SSA Period

As per GreenSignature Licensing Policy, 1 year SSA is mandatory when you purchase GreenSignature Exchange Edition License. For the end user convenience 3 year SSA is available with discounted price - as optional.

SSA Renewal

Please contact enquiry@greensignature.net for SSA Renewal your Existing License details. Discounts are available if SSA renewed for 3 years in one go. After Renewal, customer is guided with the process for applying the SSA renewal in the GreenSignature Manager – Exchange Edition.

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